Transfer Authorization: in E6 Golf 1.6

Transfer Authorization: in E6 Golf 1.6

Moving (Transferring) your E6 Golf 1.6 License (Authorization) between computers

• You recently bought a new computer, and need to move your license/authorization to the new machine
• You only have the Wade Hampton Golf Course
• You recently updated/upgraded your computer and now only a single course is available

To transfer E6 Golf to a new machine, you will need to

  • Install the software on the new machine
  • Get the SIM ID from the new machine
  • Fill out the Transfer authorization form.

Installing E6 Golf 1.6x
Download the Full Installer here:
It’s a large file and can take time (25min or longer depending on internet speeds)

Once downloaded, if you find the installation confusing, we have instructions here:

Get the SIM ID from the new computer
Launch E6 Golf...and from the Main Menu select: OTHER > E6 INFO
You are looking for the Simulator ID

This should be a 4,5,or 6 digit number.
If you get something else, make sure you are connected to the internet and try again.

Fill out the Transfer form
Very easy, the form is available here:

You will need to provide a proof of purchase

  • A PSN: PSNs have been issued with purchase since 2017 and look like this:
  • A DIP file...this relates to a hardware dongle the program used to use. If you have a Green USB dongle (aka hardware lock) this will be the option you will use.
  • If you have a TruGolf Sales Order, you could put this in the notes.

If you have a Green USB Dongle for the program...Instructions for getting the DIP file required for transfer is available here:

If you cannot create a DIP file go here: No Security Dongle found in E6Golf 1.6 (

  • Status: Not Connected
  • No dongle detected. Please connect a dongle and try again