Tips for Getting Great Shot Registration for Skytrak

Tips for Getting Great Shot Registration for Skytrak

We’re not SkyTrak experts here at E6 Golf.
But we love the device.

There isn’t anything that can be done to help shot registration with the Device inside of E6.
You will need to check your device inside the SkyTrak Dashboard or work with SkyTrak to resolve shot registration errors.

Here are some basic tips we’ve heard from SkyTrak support:

“Device should be good to capture shots up to 55 degrees.”
You can definitely help shot capture those flop shots by placing the ball in front (toward the net) of the red laser dot by about an inch.

It’s always best to avoid anything white in the image (socks, pants, shoes).
Especially with a lot of light in the room, white objects glow bright in the image and it makes it hard for the software to pick out the ball.

Club Head Color
SkyTrak doesn’t measure anything with the club head, so black heads shouldn’t be an issue at all.
However, white club heads will cause problems just like anything else white, so SkyTrak typically recommends to tee the ball up an inch or so behind (away from the net) the red laser dot when using a white-headed driver – this lets the ball still make it into the image but not the club head.

Here is a link with some great tips to ensure your shots are read by your SkyTrak Unit.
Happy Golfing!

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