How to Duplicate Displays

How to Duplicate Displays

Power on the computer with E6 installed on it
Turn on the monitor & projector

  • Both of these will need to be on in order to see if the process has worked successfully

Make sure that all of your display cables are correctly ran

  • Usually a VGA or DVI cable is for the monitor
  • An HDMI cable is for the projector.

Note: Some Trugolf systems use a unidirectional HDMI cable. The HDMI cable has tags on each end. The side that say source should be plugged into the computer.

  • Both display devices need to be plugged into the graphics card on the computer

Once you’ve made sure that all cables are correctly ran we can right click on the desktop and select “screen resolution” or “display settings”

Once you’ve selected from the drop down list a new window will open
Locate the “Multiple Displays” drop down list and select “Duplicate these displays”

After you have selected “duplicate displays” you will need to select “Apply”

  • A new window will appear and ask you if you want to keep the changes
  • Yes, you want to keep these changes

You should now have successfully duplicated your displays and can see the same thing on both the monitor and projector.