Won't Connect to PC Software for Garmin

Won't Connect to PC Software for Garmin


  • You attempt to “Test Connection” in the Garmin Software, but it continues to Fail
  • You select to “Start Session” and run the PC application in the Garmin Software, but the device never connects properly

Things to Check

When on the “Host & Port Info” and/or the “Test Connection” Screen of the Android App

  • Start E6 CONNECT
  • Select the IP Address Under HOST (NOT local)
  • Put that information, the IP Address and Port Setting into the Garmin Test Connection Screen
  • You MUST accept the Settings in E6 CONNECT
  • and NOW....test your connection in the Garmin App.

Be sure to START SESSION In the Garmin App before starting play in E6 CONNECT


  • For HOST, select the IP Address for your PC (It will be a number in this format: XXX.XXX.XXX.XX)
  • The Default PORT Number you should be using is: 2483 (unless otherwise indicated by Garmin)


  • Must have Android 7.0 or later
  • Your PC and Android/iOS Device MUST be on the Same Network. (contact your IT Professional for help)
  • If you are using a VPN--you are on your own. There is no known work-around.
  • If you are on a Business Computer and/or a Domain, you may need to speak with your IT department.

  • You may need to remove firewalls temporarily, to see if they interfere with connectivity.
  • It’s been determined that a network profile set to “Public” can prevented the desktop device from connecting to the R10 via WiFi. Try switching network profile setting to “Private”.

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