Transferring a xml file from one computer to another in E6Golf 1.6

Transferring a xml file from one computer to another in E6Golf 1.6

How to copy an XML file from an existing computer to a new one

  • If you are switching to a new computer and have a custom simulator or settings that have been made to your configuration you might want to copy your preexisting XML file from the original computer you are switching from to save the hassle of having to re configure the new install.

1. Go to location or copy and paste “ C:\TruGolf\E6 Golf 1.6 ” into the Window 7 search box or Windows 10 Cortana.

2. Locate and right click on the “ Trutrack.xml ” file.

3. Copy the Trutrack.xml file and paste it to the Window desktop.
4. Copy the trutrack.xml file from the desktop to the flash drive.
5. Use the USB flash drive to transfer the Trutrack.xml file to the new computer.

  • IF you have not already you will also need to transfer your authorization. This can be done by going to this link and following the directions.

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