Setting up In Round Practice/ Demo Mode set up in E6Golf 1.6

Setting up In Round Practice/ Demo Mode set up in E6Golf 1.6

In Round Practice
In Round Practice can be used on any shot at anytime. It is good for practicing shots before you have to make it count and for shots you simply just want to work on.

To access this feature

1. While in round click on the E6 cube

2. In the menu, click on “More”

3. Observe the yellow line now placed on the screen.

You can now treat your shot(s) as a driving range.

To exit In Round Practice
1. While in round click on the E6 cube
2. In the menu click on “Return to Round”.

Demo mode
Using demo mode will give you the ability to drop the ball in any location. It can be used with In Round Practice to create any shot on the course as driving range.

1. While setting up a round or hole you wish to play, select “ Demo mode” as the mode of play
2. Once in round and ready to place the ball click on the E6 club
3. In the menu click on the yellow players cube

4. Then click on the “Drop” option
5. Then click around on the screen anywhere you with to drop the ball. Once you found your drop point click on “Drop Ball”.

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