Internet licensing info corrupt in E6Golf 1.6

Internet licensing info corrupt in E6Golf 1.6

If you are seeing this error message it means that a problem has occurred with syncing to the E6 server. It may be due to one of the following

  • You are not connected to the internet when launching the E6 software

Note – E6Golf might need to allow certain authorizations to take place such as allowing the Simulator ID to sync with the E6Golf server

  • Make sure that you are running E6Golf as an “administrator”

How to run E6 as an administrator
1. right click on the E6Golf Icon on the desktop
2, select “Run As Administrator”

• Make sure that you are running the latest version of the E6 software (
o Get the update here

  • If Running as administrator didn’t resolve this you will need to run the “ E6Golf16_ClearSimID.bat”

1. Click on the file ( E6Golf16_ClearSimID.bat ) in the incident
2. Click on “Save file”
3. From your downloads folder click on the file and select open
You should see a window with a message like this

  • You should be allowed access, if not its could be due to you internet connection or Windows firewall preventing access to the E6 sever.

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