How to find the Sim ID for E6Golf 1.6

How to find the Sim ID for E6Golf 1.6

Before we obtain the SimID from your computer with Element 6 Golf 1.6 (E6 1.6) we need to make sure that you have a reliable internet connection and are on the most current version of software which can be updated at

*Once this is done we can find the SimID one of THREE ways.

METHOD 1: (great if you can launch the game)
1) Launch E6 Golf 1.6.
2) From the Main Menu, select: OTHER > E6 INFO

METHOD 2: (great if you are unable to launch the game)
We can check the SIM ID by resetting the license agreement:
1) Press the Windows Key on your keyboard
2) Where is say’s “Type Search Here”….copy and paste the following (and press <enter>)
C:\Program Files\TruGolf\E6 Golf 1.6\LicenseAgreementMgr.exe

Open the Web Service Log.
1) Open your start menu and select “File Explorer”
2) Once open you will need to select “This PC” or “My Computer” from the left hand column
(May be in different places depending on the OS)
3) Then under “Devices and drives” select the “Local Disc (C:)”
4) Select “TruGolf”
5) Select “E6 Golf 1.6”
6) At the bottom of this window you will find “Web Service Log”
7) Right Click (Right Mouse Button) on this file and select Open
8) When the Web Service Log is open you will need to use the keyboard and hit “Ctrl+F” and type in “ID” then select Find Next
9) When you come across a line item that looks like this with a five-digit number following “ID” you have found it