Unable to unbind in E6 Connect

Unable to unbind in E6 Connect


  • Computer is bound to another users license and you are unable to bind to your own

You need to be force unbound

Please follow these instructions so that we can help you:
1. While logged into the game, click on SETTINGS (blue gear box)>INFO & HELP>LICENSES
2. Take a picture of the right side of the licenses page
3. Attach the picture to a reply email

  • We will get the incorrect account unbound from your simulator and let you know. When you have been notified that the license is unbound, here are the next steps:

1. Make sure that you are closed completely out of your E6 Connect game, do not allow it to run in the background – very important as the game needs to reset
2. Launch the game. You should get a message saying you have become unbound, click okay
3. Click on Log In, enter your email address and password
4. Click on your E6 Connect Expanded license, then on activate

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