Saving Login Information in E6 Connect

Saving Login Information in E6 Connect

Tired of Logging in your player every-time you want to play a game

NOTE: The advantages of logging in a Player are:

  • Shot/Play data is being stored and made available for review at:
  • Players can participate and appear on the world-wide Event Leaderboards
  • Players can participate in Peer to Peer Play.

There is a way to make it easy to log in each time you play on your simulator…It’s a Two Step Process

The Feature needs to be turned on in the SETTINGS MENU: SETTINGS > SYSTEM CONFIG > REMEMBER PLAYERS > ON
(Pro Tip: You can hide features like this using the ADMIN controls in SETTINGS. Especially important for Commercial Establishments)

Each Player that wants to store his/her login information can choose to do so, in the Player Settings.

  • Log In
  • Select the Player Edit Button


The user will now appear on the Roster, ready to be added to any game.

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