How to Reset Password in E6 Connect

How to Reset Password in E6 Connect


You are certain that you have an E6 Connect account, but the software will not accept your Password

Note: Even if you are just upgrading to E6 Connect, after having previously been using E6 1.6, you must create an E6 Connect username
(e-mail) and Password.

  • If you are trying to use your login from E6 1.6, it will not work. You need to create an E6 Connect account by going to, and
    choosing ‘Sign Up’, or by clicking ‘Create’ from within the software when you first launch the software and see this screen.


  • To reset your password, you will first start by going to, and clicking on ‘Forgot Password.’

Enter your E6 Connect e-mail, and then click the ‘Send Password Reset E-mail.

(If you are not sure which e-mail you used when signing up, try guessing, and then repeat the steps until one of the them gets the reset e-mail.)
  • Check the e-mail inbox, for the e-mail address that you just sent the password reset e-mail to. It will look like this:

  • If you do not receive the reset e-mail in your main inbox, please check your Spam Folder, before deciding that it was not received.

  • Once you have received the e-mail, open it up, and click the blue link at the bottom of the screen, as shown here

Finally, you will be taken to a web page, that will allow you to choose your new password, re-type to confirm, and click Change Password

You should now close out of the software completely, and then you can re-launch E6 Connect, and sign in using your E-mail, and newly chosen Password.

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