License Questions: How To... in E6 Connect

License Questions: How To... in E6 Connect


  • You purchased the software but only have access to [course] Aviara (all other courses are locked out). You are in DEMO MODE
  • You want more information about how to transfer your E6 CONNECT License to a new machine
  • You are being asked to “ACTIVATE” your license, but there is no license available on the list. Your machine has lost it’s token. Unbind your license and re-activate it.

What is unbinding and binding a license, and how does it work?
E6 CONNECT puts you in control of your product license.

*Your license is attached to your email address for E6 Connect that you used when you initially purchased E6 Connect. You would unbind in order to switch devices, or if you had become bound to the Demo License.

  • A machine can only be bound to a single License, and
  • A License can only be used on a single Machine.
  • If you unbind a license, it can now be used on another machine, or another installation of the software.

What are the steps to unbind a license, and then set up E6 Connect so that it binds to my full license?

  • Log into your account on the E6 CONNECT website here:
    Important Note: If your log in fails, you can send yourself an email that will allow you to choose a new password by click on Forgot Password.
  • Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see the reset email within 10 minutes.
  • Look for “Licenses”, as shown in this photo

E6 Connect on PC

  • The Green “Key” Icon indicates a license bound to a machine.
  • To unbind, click on the red unbind button just below the Green “Key” Icon.:

E6 Connect Mobile Users (ios)
  • Instead of a Green Key, ios users will unbind by clicking on the red unbind button just below the Blue Phone icon.

  • Here is an example of unbinding a mobile ios license

If you have E6 Connect Open (minimized in the background) it MUST be closed and re-opened for the changes made on to be reflected in the game itself.

To Bind a license to E6 CONNECT...

  • Launch E6 Connect, select Log in under Activate:

  • Follow on screen prompts, such as selecting tracking system. If asked to redeem a product key click Skip.

  • You will eventually be taken to a Licenses selection screen that looks like this. Click on your license, and then Click the Green Activate Button

  • (*Click on the License that is NOT the Demo Mode or Core License. The name of your full licenses will differ for different tracking systems, but it is whichever license is not one of those 2 demo licenses.*)

More information about Binding and Unbinding Licenses can be found in the E6 CONNECT Manual

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