How to Break the E6 CONNECT License on a Windows 10 Machine for E6 Connect

How to Break the E6 CONNECT License on a Windows 10 Machine for E6 Connect

NOTE: This only Work on Windows (there is no accessible “Credential Manager” for iOS)

NOTE: Admin users can break a Binding in our E6 Authorization Tool

NOTE: User can also break the binding by logging into portal.

This would primarily be used if:

Customer doesn’t have access to the email account associated with a license bound to the machine
Generally, if someone other than the owner operator has bound a demo to a machine
Other methods are not available to you.
You can use the file attached.

To use the file, simply remove the “DELETEME” portion from the file extension and then double-click the file.

It deletes the following entries, which can obviously be done manually


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