Graphics (Can they be Improved) in E6 Connect

Graphics (Can they be Improved) in E6 Connect


  • You Don’t Find the Colors as Vivid in E6 CONNECT as you did in E6 Golf 1.6x
  • You want to see if there are methods to improve the image quality of E6 CONNECT

Why does E6Golf and E6 CONNECT look so different?
E6 CONNECT is different from the previous version in how it looks.
E6 Golf 1.6x was overly saturated, giving unusually vivid greens and blues.
E6 CONNECT is striving for more realism, it’s an artistic choice, but it does mean it won’t appear as (artificially) vivid.

That said, was you approach objects (flowers and more) in the game, you will see the image quality has been dramatically improved in E6 CONNECT. Terrain textures blend more realistically, the water and ocean systems will get an update in 2018, and will be followed by volumetric textures to give an even more realistic feel to the grasses and plant life.

Course Differences
Some courses in E6 CONNECT have been built from the ground up as brand new E6 CONNECT Courses, where others were converted to run in the application.

Examples of the new E6 CONNECT Courses include: Aviara, Sanctuary, Stone Canyon and more.

There are differences between these newly created courses and the old courses found in E6 Golf 1.6x
The new version of Sanctuary wasn’t planted as heavily (amount of foliage) in the new E6 CONNECT as it was in make it more realistic. (Conversely, you might notice more vegetation in the E6 CONNECT version of Aviara--for the same reasons)

Adjusting the Color Space of your Projector (Projector Settings)
Adjusting the color space of the projector (if available) can improve the projected images.

See attached image--the default for projectors is on the right. By clamping the color space, the projected image can be improved.
(Bring up the low number and bring down the high number)

Some Projectors, like some Optima Projectors, allow you to adjust the color space.
Attached is a manual for a popular version of the Optima Projector, adjusting the Color Space is discussed on page 34.

(if the projector doesn’t have the option...the next best thing is to use automatic settings that might be available. They generally go by words like “Movie” “Cinema” and “Game” )

Supersampling is a spatial anti-aliasing method, i.e. a method used to remove aliasing (jagged and pixelated edges, colloquially known as “jaggies”) from images rendered in computer games or other computer programs that generate imagery. ... The aim of supersampling is to reduce this effect.

This is adjustable from the SETTINGS > VIDEO menu

Color Adjustment and FXAA
This is only adjustable while in-game. and is available in the SETTINGS > VIDEO menu.

The main advantage of this technique over conventional anti-aliasing is that it does not require large amounts of computing power. It achieves this by smoothing jagged edges (“jaggies”)[2] according to how they appear on screen as pixels, rather than analyzing the 3D model itself as in conventional anti-aliasing.[1] Since it is not based on the actual geometry, it will smooth not only edges between triangles, but also edges inside alpha-blended textures or resulting from pixel shader effects, which are immune to the effects of multisample anti-aliasing

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