Error: Missing DirectX in E6 Connect

Error: Missing DirectX in E6 Connect


  • The Following Error appears immediately upon running E6 CONNECT:

Error: Missing DirectX

The versions of Direct X are NOT backwards compatible.
Direct X 11 is not necessarily better than DX 10 (for example)

Direct X versions are intended to work side-by-side.....not as replacements
Many games still require DX9.0c

This is complicated. You cannot simply install DirectX 11 on a Windows 10 system.
It’s likely your system doesn’t support DirectX 11, and therefore will not run the application.

Or in some cases, like my laptop, you may have two video chipsets/cards.
In this case, my default INTEL 3000 does not Support DirectX 11, but my other internal video card does.

If you also have a second video chipset/card in your system, you will need to determine how to force the game to run on the secondary dedicated video chipset (card)

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