Connection to E6 CONNECT for Skytrak

Connection to E6 CONNECT for Skytrak

You are unable to Connect your SkyTrak to E6 CONNECT
You receive an Error: Device Not Found No SkyTrak Device has been detected.

You receive an Error: SkyTrak device Not Found

There are a few simple ways to ensure SkyTrak Connectivity to E6 CONNECT

You MUST have installed the SkyTrak 64Bit Software. This is required for 64Bit applications like E6 CONNECT.
You can get that here: Download SkyTrak Software (
(It installs a prerequisite VC++ 2012 Redistributable)

It’s best to have the SkyTrak already on and connected to your device (PC or iOS)
The SkyTrak Network mode is excellent.
USB is the most reliable (iOS devices will need a conversion cable in most cases to use this.)

YOU CANNOT run E6 CONNECT while other SkyTrak applications are running.
Make sure you close the SkyTrak application, and any other program that work with your SkyTrak unit.

(if another application is connecting to the SkyTrak, it prevent E6 CONNECT from working with it)
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